1. What is the definition of Character?
    A person who is represented in Literature and is part of the story.
  2. What is Plot?
    The order in which events occur
  3. What is Setting?
    When and where the story takes place.
  4. What is conflict?
    The struggle between opposing forces.
  5. What is Theme?
    The central message of the book.
  6. What is the plot in Up the Slide? Setting? Conflict? Theme?Characters?
    In Up the Slide, Clay Dilham and Swanson are in the Yukon during the gold rush to collect the mail. They need wood so Clay goes out to get it. He gets stuck on the mountain while collecting the tree. It takes a long time for him to get down but when he does, he finds a grove of dead trees for wood.
  7. In Literary elements, describe Ransom of Red Chief.
    Bill and Sam, the kidnappers decide that they need money. So they kidnap Johnny Dorset, or Red Chief. It takes place mostly in a cave where they are hiding the boy. The boy turns out to be crazy and the kidnappers cannot keep him. They write the ransom letter and the father tells them that he will take the boy back if they pay him. So they do because he is too crazy for them.
  8. In Literary Elements, describe Song of the Trees.
    • The characters are Cassie, Big Ma, Mama, Christopher-John, Stacy, and Little Man. There is also Papa but he is alway while earning the family more money during the depression.
    • Takes place during the depression in the south
    • The conflict is that the family is struggling with money and contractors cut down their beloved forest
    • The theme is the family and their troubles
  9. Describe Johnny Dorset.
    A crazy young boy. He is very rude and stuck up. Out of Control.
  10. Describe Clay Dilham.
    A cocky, young teenager during the gold rush.
  11. Define irony.
    Surprising, amusing. Something that happens that the reader knows about that the character discovers.
  12. What do you do during sight reading?
    Annotate the Reading, answer the multiple choices, and answer the short responses.
  13. What is the main conflict in Once on this River?
    Leslie's brother is trapped in slavery. Monday and Leslie go to America to rescue him.
  14. Who were the main characters in Once on this River?
    • Leslie
    • Monday
    • Frederick
    • Viola
    • Sampson
    • Cousin D'Angola
    • Cousin Pearl
    • Kortwright
    • Captain Boyd
  15. Where did Once on this River take place?
    It takes place in the 13 colonies in the 1700's.
  16. What is the theme of Once on this River?
  17. Who were the main characters in The light in the Forest?
    • True Son/Johnny Butler
    • Cuyloga
    • Half Arrow
    • Little Crane
    • Gordie
    • Johnny's father
    • Uncle Wilse
    • Aunt Kate
  18. What is the setting of the Light in the Forest?
    It takes place in colonial Pennsylvania, or Paxton.
  19. What was the conflict in The light in the Forest?
    True Son was forced to go back to his unknown white family. He hates it there and wishes desperately to return to his Indian village.
  20. What is the theme of The light in the Forest?
    Savage vs. Civilized
  21. What is the definition of insinuate?
    Suggest or hint slyly
  22. What is the definition of recompense?
    to pay back
  23. What is the definition of trivial?
    not important, minor
  24. What is the definition of regime?
    the government in power
  25. What is a synonym of homicide?
  26. What is the definition of interminable?
  27. What are synonyms of firebrand?
    hothead, agitator, rabble-rouser
  28. When the new (hazard, regime) took power, it cancelled or reversed most of the policies of its predecessor?
  29. What is the definition of culminate?
    to reach a high point of development
  30. What is the definition of miscellaneous?
    mixed, different kinds
  31. Antonyms of verify?
    disprove, refute, discredit
  32. What is the definition of malignant?
    deadly, extremely harmful
  33. Antonyms of orthodox?
    unusual, unconventional, heretical
  34. Definition of procure?
    to obtain through special effort
  35. Whenever you find ______ children, the speaker said, you also find ineffective parents.
    wayward, controversial, fruitless
  36. synonym : acts like a clown
  37. In George Lopez, his company merged with another, or ________
  38. Beg, or __________, for a trip to Japan.
  39. Antonyms of radiant:
    dull, lackluster
  40. SSCS wants to __________ whaling in the southern ocean.
  41. Japan's dolphin slaughter as the __________ level of horror. (cannot be copied)
  42. Prominent:
    standing out, well known
  43. I will need to _____ to be able to save enough for the trip to Japan.
  44. Annotate the title:
    Japan kills innocent dolphins again
    When? why? Again- when did it happen before? why dolphins?
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