WL 7

  1. calculated
    deliberately planned
  2. buffet (pronounced buffit)
    slap; batter; knock about
  3. bucolic
    rustic; pastoral
  4. brusque
    blunt; abrubt
  5. boon
    blessing; benefit
  6. brocade
    rich, figured fabric
  7. cannon
    • collection or authoritative list of books (e.g, by an author or accepted as a scripture);
    • rule or principle, frequently religious
  8. cadence
    rhythmic rise and fall (of words or sounds); beat
  9. brawn
    muscular strength; sturdiness
  10. burnish
    make shiny by rubbing; polish
  11. broach
    introduce; open up
  12. cadge
    beg; mooch; panhandle
  13. brook
    tolerate; endure
  14. bureaucracy
    over regulated administrative system marked by red tape
  15. cant
    • insincere expressions of piety;
    • jargon of thieves
  16. bravado
    swagger; air of defiance
  17. braggadocio
  18. boorish
    rude; insensitive
  19. calamity
    disaster; misery
  20. browbeat
    bully; intimidate
  21. buffoonery
  22. brandish
    wave around; flourish
  23. buoyant
    able to float; cheerful and optimistic
  24. burlesque
    give an imitation that ridicules
  25. bouilion
    clear beef soup
  26. cajole
    • coax; wheedle; blandish
    • persuade by flattery
  27. brunt
    main impact or shock (as of an attack)
  28. bugaboo
    bugbear; object of baseless terror
  29. bluster
    blow in heavy gusts; threaten emptily; bully
  30. bourgeois
    middle class; selfishly materialistic; dully conventional
  31. burgeon
    • grow forth; send out buds
    • grow or develop quickly
  32. cadaverous
    like a corpse; pale
  33. bungle
    • mismanage; blunder
    • clumsily and awkwardly
  34. brooch
    ornamental clasp
  35. bountiful
    abundant; graciously generous
  36. bode
    foreshadow; portend
  37. buttress
    support; prop up
  38. buxom
    full blossomed; plump; jolly
  39. cadaver
  40. cabal
    small group of persons secretly united to promote their own interests
  41. candor
    frankness; open honesty
  42. canard
    false or unfounded story; fabricated report
  43. bolster
    support; reinforce
  44. caliber
    ability; quality
  45. bullion
    gold and silver in the form of bars
  46. brittle
    easily broken; difficult
  47. cache
    hidden place
  48. calumny
    • malicious representation; slander
    • false statements
  49. cameo
    • shell or jewel carved in relief;
    • star's special appearance in a minor role in a film
  50. bowdlerize
    • expurgate;
    • amend by removing words
  51. bolt
    • length of fabric;
    • gobble down;
    • dash or dart off; fasten (door, pin, screw); door bar
  52. brazen
    • insolent (rude);
    • shameless, bold
  53. cacophonous
    • discordant; inharmonious
    • harsh sound
  54. cantata
    story set to music, to be sung by a chorus
  55. callow
    youthful; immature; inexperienced
  56. bohemian
    unconventional (in an artistic way)
  57. brackish
    • somewhat saline;
    • salty and distasteful
  58. bogus
    counterfeit; not authentic
  59. brindled
    tawny or grayish with streaks or spots
  60. breach
    breaking of contract or duty; fissure or gap
  61. canter
    slow gallop
  62. canny
    shrewd; thrify
  63. bovine
    cowlike; placid and dull
  64. bulwark
    • earthwork or other strong defense;
    • person who defends
  65. braggart
    boaster; someone who brags alot
  66. breadth
    width; extent
  67. canker
    any ulcerous sore; any evil
  68. camaraderie
    good fellowship
  69. blunder
  70. callous
    hardened; unfeeling
  71. bombastic
    pompous; using inflated language
  72. bristling
    • rising like bristles;
    • showing irritation
  73. brevity
  74. calorific
    heat producing
  75. cantankerous
    ill humored; irritable
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