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  1. Texture
    Musical characteristic that describes the relative importance and distribution of various instrumental or vocal parts. Changes in texture often articulate important sectional divisions and make them obvious to the ear.
  2. Monophony
    One sound - a single melody. Can be a number of instruments playing the same melody together.
  3. Parallel octaves
    A type of monophony that has the same melody sung or played in different octaves simultaneously
  4. Homophony
    A single melody accompanied by supporting harmony/accompaniment. Attention is focused on the melody rather than on the accompaniment.
  5. Polyphony
    Multiple melodies of equal focus at the same time
  6. Round
    Singers sing the same melody at staggered time intervals
  7. Canon
    Singers sing the same melody at staggered time intervals
  8. Imitative polyphony
    One line plays the same melody as in another but starts later in time so the melody overlaps with itself
  9. Heterophony
    Simultaneous variations (whether in notes or ornamentation) in a single melody
  10. Drone
    A long, constant pitch played throughout all or part of a composition
  11. Drum polyphony
    Drumming where each drum has a line of its own, but "melodies" are limited for drums
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