1. El chico fue solo al baile
    Use solo(a) as an adjective to mean alone. The kid went alone to the dance.
  2. hay sólo una marca de champú que me gusta.
    Use sólo as an adverb to mean only. There is only one brand of shampoo that I like.
  3. la chica realizó su sueño de ser diseñadora.
    Use realizar in the sense of to carry out or achieve. The girl achieved (carried out) her dream of becoming a designer.
  4. me di cuenta de que estaba pasado de moda.
    Use darse cuenta de to mean to realize or recognize. I realized it was out of style.
  5. Dejé mi auto en el estacionamiento
    dejar + direct object means (to leave something) I left my car in the parking lot
  6. mis padres no me dejaban conducir de noche
    Dejar + infinitive means to allow or to let, my parents didn't let me drive at night.
  7. Dejaste de buscar un auto nuevo?
    Dejar de + infinitive + direct object means to stop doing something - did you stop looking for a new car?
  8. Todo depende de la calidad de los materiales
    Calidad and cualidad are both cognates of the English word quality, but have different meanings; calidad - quality, as in a measure of worth, cualidad - quality, as in a characteristic of a person or thing.
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