1. political party
    group of persons who seek to control gov through winning of elections and holding of public office
  2. major parties
    republican and democratic
  3. partnership
    strong support of their party and its policy stands
  4. minor party
    one without world wide voter support
  5. two party system
    republican and democratic, parties with the reasonable chance of winning
  6. single member district
    electoral district from which one person is chosen by the voters for each elected office
  7. plurality
    largest number of votes cast for the office
  8. bipartisan
    when two major parties find common ground
  9. pluralistic society
    one consisting of many distinct cultures and groups
  10. consensus
    general agreement among various groups
  11. coalition
    temporary alliance of several groups who come together to form a working majority
  12. what is the point of a coalition?
    to gain control of gov
  13. incumbent
    current officeholder
  14. factions
    conflicting groups
  15. electorate
    people eligible to vote
  16. sectionalism
    narrow minded concern for or devotion to the interests of one section of the country
  17. ideological parties
    based on particular beliefs
  18. single issue party
    focus on one public-policy matter
  19. economic protest party
    demand better times, based on economical discontent
  20. splinter parties
    split away from major parties
  21. ward
    unit into which cities are divided for election of city councilmembers
  22. precinct
    smalled unit of election administration
  23. what is the two party system a product of?
    history, tradition, electoral sys
  24. what do multiparty systems provide?
    more choice for the electorate but less stable gov
  25. where did the first american political parties originate from?
    ratifying the constitution
  26. when was the single party era?
  27. when and what is the era of divided gov?
    1968, neither major political party consistently in power
  28. what makes up the minor parties?
    ideological, single issue, economic protest, splinter
  29. where do minor parties play a big role in?
    critics and innovators
  30. why has major parties decentralize structure?
    federalism, divisive nominating process
  31. what are the four basic elements at national level of both major parties and national convention?
    national comittee, chairperson, congressional campaign committee
  32. machinery
    people who usually vote the party ticket
  33. why are parties in decline?
    many vote split ticket, and identify themselves as major party members
  34. what were the first opposing political parties
    federalists and antifederalists
  35. what did the framers want?
    unified country, saw parties as factions
  36. what do single member parties do to minor parties?
    discourage them
  37. who supported the constitution?
    Feds., create strong national gov
  38. Antifederalists are known as...
    republicans or demo-reps
  39. era of democrats
    1800-1860 whig party,
  40. era of republicans
    1860-1932 civil war began, supported by business and financial , farmers, laborers
  41. what do minor parties act as during elections?
    spoiler role
  42. what does the national committee do?
    hadle party affairs
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