Chapter 16 Vocab

  1. Daub
    • to paint coarselfy or unskillfully: Painting requires patience and consistency; you cannot simply daub the wood with a paint-laden brush.
    • syn: smear
  2. admonish
    • to warn, to caution in counsel: The lifeguard admosnished the children for swimming beyond the buoys.
    • Syn: advise, notify, warn
  3. obeissance
    a bow or similar gesture expressing deep respect: The villager rendered obeisance as the king's entourage passed.
  4. cache
    a concealed store of goods or valuables: While the campers were canoeing on the lake, bears raided their cache. Snn:hoard reserve
  5. affliction
    • anything causing great suffering: Heatstroke can be a lethal affliction if not treated.
    • SYN: difficulty, pain, burden ANT: relief, aid
  6. mendicant
    a beggar: The tourists tried to avoid the mendicants sitting in front of their gift shop.
  7. aphorism
    • a concise statement of a truth or principle : My father lives by the aphorism, "Waste not, want not."
    • SYN: adage, maxim, saying
  8. oscillate
    to swing or move back and forth like a pendulum. : Your opinionof the movie will probably oscillate from good to bad until you have more time to think about it. SYN: vacillate, fluctuate,alternate
  9. delete
    to take out, remove: You can delete the third sentence because it is unecessary. SYN: erase, cancel ANT: incluse, add
  10. oust
    to drive out, expel, deprive,: The bailiff ousted the noisy courtroom spectatores. SYN:: eject
  11. impermeable
    not permitting passage (especially of fluids) : The parka has an impermeable layer that keeps you dry. SYN: impermeable, impervious ANT: permeable
  12. paean
    a fervent expression, or song, of joy or praise: The book is simply a paean to the candidate; it lists his achievements, but not his failures. SYN: acclaim, tribute
  13. imperturbably
    not easily excited, even under pressure: The captain's imperturbably manner during the storm reassured the worried sailors. SYN: collected, unflustered
  14. lax
    careless or negligent: Don't become to lax in your studies, or you'll fail. SYN: slack, neglectful ANT: careful, meticulous
  15. palpable
    obvious, capable of being touched or felt : The fear in the room was so palpable that Tim thought he could taste it. SYN: evident, conspicuous ANT: obscure, unclear
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