MA 150 wk 4

  1. Agglutin (o)
    Gluing, Clumping
  2. Leuk (o)
  3. Phago
    Eating, Consuming, Swallowing
  4. Thio-
  5. Macro-
    Large, Long
  6. -Form
  7. Bio-
  8. Cryo-
  9. Meio-
  10. -Odynia
  11. PRL
    Prolactin Specific Antigen
  12. PSA
    Prostate Specific Antigen
  13. PT
    Prothrombin Time
  14. PTT
    Partial Thromboplastin Time
  15. PV
    Plasma Volume
  16. RBC
    Red Blood Cell Count
  17. RF
    Rheumatoid Factor
  18. S
  19. TBV
    Total Blood Volume
  20. TSH
    Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
  21. WB
    Western blot
  22. VDRL
    Venereal Disease Research Laboratory
  23. BCA
    Breast Cancer Antigen
  24. CO2
    Carbon Dioxide
  25. B
  26. Diluent
    Liquid used to dissolve & dilute a drug.
  27. Intradermal
    Within the upper layers of the skin, 5 degree angle
  28. Intramuscular
    Within the muscle, 90 degree angle
  29. Intravenous
    Directly into the vein.
  30. Subcutaneous
    Beneath the skin, 45 degree angle
  31. Parenteral
    Giving drugs by any other means than through the GI tract.
  32. Gauge
    Needles inside diameter
  33. Lumen
    The space or opening at the end of a needle.
  34. Vial
    small bottle with a rubber diaphram
  35. taut
    skin tightly stretched
  36. sanitization
    1st level, scrubbing of instruments & equipment
  37. disinfection
    2nd level of infection control
  38. sterilization
    3rd level, required for all instruments or supplies that penetrate a patients skin
  39. antiseptic
    cleaning product used on human tissue
  40. disinfectant
    cleaning products applied to instruments & equipment to reduce or eliminate infectious organisms
  41. nosocomial infection
    hospital-related infection. transmission of disease from an infected patient
  42. induration
    positive test result where the skin turns red & becomes raised & hard
  43. Standard Precautions
    1996 combination of Universal Precautions transmission based for public health care.
  44. Universal Precautions
    "universal blood & body fluid precautions" for health care workers by the CDC
  45. immunization
    administration of a vacine or toxoid to reduce risk or prevent illness.
  46. sterilization indicator
    strips that confirm that the items in the autoclave have been correctly sterilized
  47. contraindication
    a symptom that renders use of a remedy or procedure inadvisable because of risk
  48. arthrography
    radiologist uses contrast medium & fluoroscopy to help diagnose
  49. contrast radiology
    xray of internal body structures & functions done while taking a contrast medium
  50. ultrasound
    high-frequency sound waves through the skin produces images based on the echoes
  51. thermography
    performed to diagnose breast tumors
  52. PET
    used for diagnosing brain-related conditions
  53. intravenous pyelography
    performed by radiologist, injects a contrast medium into a vein
  54. invasive
    insertion of a catheter , wire or other testing device into a patients blood vessel or organ
  55. noninvasive
    procedures such as standard x-ray /ultrasound to view internal structures
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