Civics unit 6 test

  1. 22nd amendment: when and what
    • 1951
    • limited pres to 2 terms, VP to 10 years under certain circumstances
  2. Article II section I pres requirements
    • 35 years old
    • natural born US citizen
    • 14 consecutive years of residence
  3. 25th amendment: when and what
    • 1967
    • organized pres succession
  4. since 1961...
    pres have gotten VPs more involved
  5. who introduced the electoral college
    Alexander hamilton
  6. 12th amendment: when and what
    • 1804
    • serperate pres an VP ballots b//c of TJ and burr
    • no majority= HoR chooses P out of top 3, senate chooses VP out of top 2
  7. Executive office of the president: When, what and by what (legislation)
    • 1939
    • 1939 reorganization act
    • individuals and agencies that directly assist the pres
  8. what is in the EOP
    Office of management and budget (bureau of budget), Natl security council, national econ council, white house office
  9. Office of management and budget
    • prepares national budget
    • reviews leg, proposals (central clearance)
  10. Natl security council when and what
    • 1947
    • advise pres wit hmilitary and foreign affairs
  11. natl econ council when and what
    • 1946
    • helps pres formulate even policy
  12. White house office
    gather info and provide advice on key issues facing pres
  13. Executive privilege
    right to refuse to testify or provide info to Con or court
  14. US vs Nixon when and what
    • 1974
    • must surrender tapes
  15. art II of constitution iis sometimes known as what
    wild card
  16. Marbury vs Madison when and what
    • 1803
    • right to review leg. actions
  17. pres leadership roles
    head of state, chief exec, chief legislator, econ planner, party leader, chief diplomat, commander in chief
  18. head of state
    represent nation and perform cerimonial duties
  19. chief exec
    make sure laws are carried out
  20. chief legislator
    create leg program
  21. econ planner
    just that + employment act of 1946 stuff
  22. Employment act of 1946
    • gave pres more duties= submit econ report to con, prepare fed budget.
    • Also created Council of Econ advisors to help pres
  23. party leader
    just that.
  24. commander in chief
    pwr to make war, make mil decisions, and use atomic weapons (+ some other stuff)
  25. leadership qualities
    understand public, ability to commuicate, sense of timing, openness to new ideas, ability to compromise, political courage
  26. how many cabinets in the bureaucracy
    15. newest is dept of homeland security
  27. 1789 significance
    depts of state, treasury, war, and office of attorney general created
  28. dept of state
    handle foreign relations
  29. dept of treaury
  30. dept of war
    military affairs
  31. attorney gen
    head of dept of justice, handles legal matters
  32. 1978 Reagan significance
    Airline stuff= Civil Aeronautics Board
  33. Tuesday after 1st monday in november
    ppl vote
  34. monday after 2nd wednesday in dec
    electors vote
  35. jan 6th
    ballots counted
  36. jan 20th
    pres declared
  37. Pres succession act of 1947
    declared succession order= speaker of house, pres protempore, cabinet officers starting with sec of state, then other dept heads in order of creation
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