Health Final

  1. What is a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)?
    Pathogens that spred from one person to another during sexual contact.
  2. What is HPV?
    • Its the most commam viral STI in the United States.
    • It can have no symptons.
  3. What can be some symptons of HPV?
    Genital Warts
  4. What is HIV?
    Human Immunodeficiency Virus, an incurable STI. It can lead to AIDS, which is a fatal disease.
  5. What does HIV do?
    It attacks specific cells of the immune system, disabling the body's defenses against other pathogens. HIV infects the T cells.
  6. What is Syphilis?
    A serious bacterial STI that progresses throught 3 distinct stages.
  7. Treatment for Syphilis?
    It can be cured with antibiotics but any damage that is done is permenate.
  8. What is Hepatitis B and C?
    A STI that attacks the liver.
  9. How is Hepatitis spread?
    • By blood to blood contact.
    • Ex : sharing needles.
  10. What is Trichomaniasis?
    A STI caused by a protozan that infects the unrinary tract or vagina.
  11. Symptoms of Trichomoniasis?
    • Male-painful urination, clear discharge.
    • Female-itching, burning.
  12. Secondary Sex Characteristics?
    Body Hair Appears, Pespriration increases, skin releases move oil, voice depends.
  13. What does the Endocrine Gland do?
    It produces growth hormones that signal changes in other parts of the body.
  14. Toxic Shock Syndrome?
    A rare condition that is caused by a bacterial infection by tampon use.
  15. Symptoms of TSS?
    Fever and headache
  16. Factors that can affect the menstrual cycle?
    • -amount of body fat
    • -dieting
  17. Vasectomy?
    Surgery for males incapable of reproductioin
  18. Etopic pregnancy?
    blastocyst that go into the fallopian tubes instead of the uterus
  19. Premature birth?
    A baby being born before 37 weeks?
  20. What does the bulbourethral gland do?
    Its a glad that makes a fluid that protects sperm
  21. What do the ovaries do?
    • -produce hormones
    • -estrogen/progesterone
    • -releases eggs
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