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  1. alexandria mathematicians also developed books of geometry such as...?
    the elements
  2. athens was well known for having the most powerful...?
  3. the government that took over rome and allowed the people to vote for their leaders was called the...?
    roman republic
  4. the large military units of foot soldiers were called...?
    roman republic
  5. the large military units of foot soldiers were called...?
    roman legions
  6. the punic wars were between whom?
    rome and cannible
  7. the leader of the opponents of the romans in the second punic war was...?
  8. what was the result of the punic war?
    for control of the western mediteranian
  9. what is a triumvrate?
    the rulers
  10. what was the denarius?
    roman silver coin
  11. what was the collosseum?
    huge stadium
  12. what was the pax romana?
    roman piece and prosperity
  13. what was the diaspora?
    jews driven from jerusalem
  14. what was the purpose of the edict of milan?
    end persicution of christians
  15. who was the first roman emperor to allow christianity in the roman empire?
  16. the roman empire started to collapse after the death of which emperor?
    marcus aurelius
  17. how did the government cause inflation during the collapse of the empire?
    more money with same amount of pricus money
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