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  1. describe the lifestyle of a buddhist monk
    a life of poverty
  2. what group of people developed the religion judaism?
    hebrew/ jews
  3. what is meant by monotheism?
    believe in 1 god
  4. siddhartha gautama left isolation in his palace in an attempt to find...?
  5. in the hebrew tradition, a covenant is...?
    promise with god
  6. in buddism, the release from selfishness and pain, that is one's ultimate goal known as...?
  7. the most sacred writings of the jewish religion are the first five books of the hebrew bible, known as the...?
  8. the process by which prople or groups of people move from their home area to a new area is called...?
  9. what group of people believed in tolerance and diplomacy to rule the people they conquered
  10. what group of people adopted many of their customes from the egyptians?
    kushites of nubia
  11. what group of people was reuthless and brutal in their military conquest?
  12. what group of people was trying to resorte to their ancient values of respect, social order and harmony?
  13. who was the leader of egypt during the middle kingdom, who helped unite upper and lower egypt?
  14. who declared herself pharaoh because her son was too young?
    ahlph popachipat
  15. who was the war-like ruler that conquered palestine, syria, and nubia? he killed his mother to take over the crown
    thutmose the III
  16. who was the egyptian pharaoh who had 150 children and lived to the age of 99? he also established the first peace treaty
    ramses II
  17. what was a satrap?
    persian government
  18. what is the term for the idea of showing respect to family and elders?
    fileal piety
  19. bureaucracy-
    people who run government
  20. autocracy-
    ruler who has unlimited power
  21. because of the physical environment of greece, the greeks spent their time how?
    anything related to water
  22. a phalanx is a...?
    type of fighting position
  23. the word polis in greek history ment...?
    city state
  24. whe persian war was fought between whom?
    persians and greeks
  25. who was the trojan war won by?
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