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  1. the hunter-gatherer way of life made it impossible for people to love where and how?
    in one spot because they had to follow their food
  2. the neolithic revolution refers to the time when early humans developed what?
  3. slash-and-burn farming refers to what?
    cutting everything down and then burning the vegitation and using the ashes as fertolizer
  4. "prehistoric" refers to any time in the past before...?
    recorded history
  5. "lucy" the skeleton discovered by donald johanson's team, was found where?
  6. the paeolithic age ended with the development of what?
    agriculture/ farming
  7. it is widely believed that life began where?
  8. what is a artifact?
    evidence of the past
  9. the period called the bronze age refers to the time when people began to fashion tools and weapons made out of what material?
  10. what are the 5 elements of civilization?
    • advanced cities- trade
    • writing
    • specialized workers
    • complex institutions
    • technology
  11. what contributed to making the fertile crescent suitable for farming?
    the tigris and the euphrates river
  12. farming along the nile river was easier than along many other major rivers because...?
    the nile river was predictable
  13. under chinese feudalism, the land legally belonged to whom?
    government- king/ emperor
  14. the natural boundaries most responsible for identifying the region of mesopotamia were...?
    the tigris and the euphrates river
  15. define dynasty
    series of rulers from the same family
  16. which civilization used mummification to preserve the dead?
  17. which angient region has a name meaning "the land between two rivers"?
  18. what is the lowest level of samarian society?
  19. the egyptian kings were known as...
  20. which group was considered so lowly that it existed outside india's castle system?
  21. siddhartha guatauma was the founder of...?
  22. the minoans and phoenicians are known chiefly for being...?
    sea people
  23. the religion of the early hebrews was unique because it...?
    was monotheistic
  24. what is the mahabharata?
    epic poem
  25. instead of praying to a god like most religions, how do buddhists practice their religion?
    walk around a pole
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