Applied Physics Ch 1

  1. What is a Standard of Measure?
    Sets of units of measurement for length, weight, and other quantities defined in a way that is useful to a large number of people
  2. What does SI stand for?
    Systeme International d'Unites
  3. Name 4 SI units of Measure
    Kilogram, second, kelvin, mole, meter (metre), liter (litre), watt, joule
  4. Who is Gabriel Mouton?
    A man who is often credited for originating the metric system
  5. What is the Scientific Notation?
    A useful method of expressing such very small or large numbers
  6. What is 10,000 in Scientific Notation?
  7. What is the basic SI unit of length?
  8. What is a Conversion Factor?
    An expression used to change from one unit or set of units to another example: Meter to Centimeter
  9. What is Area of a figure?
    The number of square units that it contains
  10. What is the Volume of a figure?
    The number of cubic units that it contains
  11. What is the Mass of an object?
    The quantity of material making up the object
  12. What is the basic unit of mass in the metric system?
    Kilogram (kg)
  13. What is the Weight of an object?
    A measure of the gravitational force or pull acting on it
  14. What is the weight unit in the metric system?
    Newton (N)
  15. What is a Spring Balance?
    An instrument containing a spring with a pointer attached to it
  16. What is a Platform Balance?
    Consists of two platforms connected by a horizontal rod that balances on a knife edge
  17. What is the basic unit of time?
    Second (s)
  18. What is an Exact Number?
    A number that has been determined as a result of counting such as 24 students in a class
  19. What is an Approximate Number?
    Numbers determined as a result of some measurement process. direct-with ruler indirect- surveying transit
  20. What are Significant Digits?
    The number of units that we are reasonably sure of having counted when making a measurement
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