Brave New World Vocab

  1. predestine
    to destine in advance; foreordain, predetermined
  2. spasmodic
    happening intermittently; fitfull
  3. viviparous
    bringing forth living young rather than eggs, as most mammals and some reptiles and fishes
  4. apertures
    and opening, as a hole, slit, gap, or crack
  5. maudlin
    tearfully or weakly emotional; foolish sentimental
  6. erotic
    arousing or satisfying a sexual desire
  7. effusive
    unduly demonstrative; lacking reserve
  8. tactual
    of pertaining to the sense of touch
  9. monogamy
    marriage with only one person at a time, having only one mate
  10. promiscuous
    having sexual relations with a number of partners on a casual basis
  11. incessant
    continuing without interruption, unending, ceaseless
  12. innocuous
    not injurious or harmful; harmless
  13. profound
    having a deep insight or understanding
  14. voluptuous
    unrestrained pleasure
  15. hierarchy
    any system of persons or things ranked above one another
  16. persevere
    to persist in anything undertaken
  17. premonition
    a forewarning
  18. incoherent
    without logical or meaningful connection
  19. senility
    the state of being senile, feebleness, aging
  20. deprecating
    to express earnest disapproval of
  21. impunity
    exemption from punishment
  22. subversive
    attempting to overthrow an established government
  23. self-indulgence
    unable to resist in one's desires or whims, passions etc without restraint
  24. atonement
    satisfaction or reparation for a wrong done or injury; amend
  25. strumpet
    a prostitute or harlot
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