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  1. 5' cap
  2. a methylated guanine nucleotide added to the 5' endof eukaryotic mRNA. The cap is necessary to initiate translation of mRNA
  3. A band
  4. The band of the sarcomere that extends the full length of the thick filament. The A band includes regions of thick and thin filament overlap, as well as a region of thick filament only. A bands alternate with I bands to give skeletal and cardiac muscle a striated apperance. The A band does not shorten during muscle contraction.
  5. Absolute refractory period
  6. A period of time following an action potential during which no additional action potential can be evoked regardless of the level of stimulation. (usually because Na+ channel closed whle K+ efflux)
  7. Accessory glands
  8. The three glands in the male reproductive system that reproduce semen: the seminal vesicles, the prostate
  9. Accessory organs
    • In the GI tract, organs that play a role in
    • digestion but not directly part of the alimentary canal. These include the liver, the gallbladder, the pancreas, adn the salivary glands.
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