Chp. 1-4

  1. Scullery
    Room for kitchen chores
  2. Comrades
    A fellow member of a group, especially a fellow soldier or a fellow supporter of a communist or socialist party
  3. Ensconced
    Settle in comfortably
  4. Dissentients
    A noun meaning those that dissent or express disagreement; an adjective meaning disagreeing
  5. Enmity
    An extreme ill will or hatred that exists between enemies
  6. Preeminent
    Highly distinguished or outstanding
  7. Vivacious
    Lively or high-spirited
  8. Knoll
    Little hill
  9. Gamboled
    Leap playfully
  10. Spinney
    Small thicket
  11. Acute
    Very great or bad; perceptive
  12. Obstinate
    Stubborn, refusing to change
  13. Cryptic
    Deliberately mysterious and seeming to have a hidden meaning
  14. Indefatigable
  15. Shrewd
    Good at judging people or situations
  16. Tractable
    Docile; very easy to control or persuade
  17. Irrepressible
    Not able to be controlled
  18. Ignominious
    Shameful; involving a total loss of dignity and self-respect, and making somebody or something appear shamefully weak and ineffective
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