Volume 4 Chapter 2

  1. Kinetics
    The branch of physics that deals with motion, taking into consideration velocity, mass and force
  2. Intertia
    Tendency of an object to remain in motion or at rest unless acted upon by an external force
  3. Motion
    Process of changing place, moving
  4. Energy
    The capacity to do work in the strict physical sense
  5. Kinetic Energy
    The energy and object has while it is in motion. Related to mass and velocity
  6. Mass
    Measure of matter that an object contains.
  7. Velocity
    Rate of motion in a particular direction in relation to time
  8. Kinetic Energy Formula
    KE= mass (weight) x velocity (speed)^2/2
  9. Force Formula
    Force= mass (weight) x acceleration (or deceleration)
  10. Acceleration
    The rate at which speed or velocity increases
  11. Deceleration
    The rate at which speed or velocity decerases
  12. Forces of Blunt Trauma
    • Compression
    • Stretch
    • Shear
  13. Events in a Vehicle Collision
    • Vehicle crash
    • Body crash
    • Organ crash
    • Secondary crash
    • Additional impacts
  14. Types of Vehicle Impact
    • Rotational
    • Frontal
    • Lateral
    • Rear-end
    • Rollover
  15. Mechanisms Associated with Frontal Impacts
    • Up and over pathway
    • Down and under pathway
    • Ejection
  16. Axial Loading
    Application of force along the axis of the spine
  17. Crumple Zone
    Region of the vehicle designed to absorb engergy of impact
  18. Oblique
    Having a slanted position or direction
  19. Oxidizer
    An agent that enhances fuel combustion
  20. Mechanisms Associated with Blasts
    • Pressure wave
    • Blast wind
    • Projectiles
    • Personnel displacement
    • Confined spaces and structural collapses
    • Burns
  21. Pressure Wave
    Area of overpressure that radiates outward from and explosion
  22. Overpressure
    Rapid increase then decrease in atmospheric pressure from an explosion
  23. Blast Wind
    Air movement caused as the heated and pressurized products of an explosion move outward
  24. Ordnance
    Military weapons or muitions
  25. Flechettes
    Arrow shaped projectiles found in some military ordnance
  26. Incendiary
    An agent that combusts easily or creates combustion
  27. Blast Injury Phases
    • Primary- heat of explosion and overpressure wave
    • Secondary- blast projectiles
    • Tertiary- personnel displacement and structural collapes
  28. Emboli
    Undissolved solid, liquid or gas in the bloodstream that can block blood vessels
  29. Hemoptysis
    Expectorant of blood from respiratory tract
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Volume 4 Chapter 2
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