Life Sciences Glossary

  1. Aquatic
    Referring to water
  2. Beneficial
    Good or advantageous
  3. Detrimental
    Harmful or bad
  4. Environmental
    Everything that surrounds and influences an organism
  5. Generation
    A group of organisms born and living at the same time.
  6. Geneticist
    A scientist who studies how traits are passed from one generation of an organism to the next.
  7. Genetics
    The study of how living things pass traits to their offspring.
  8. Hull
    A hard, protective shell that covers a seed.
  9. Paddy
    A flooded field where rice grows.
  10. Terrestrial
    Referring to land.
  11. Thrive
    To grow fast and stay healthy.
  12. Trait
    A quality of characteristic.
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