Volume 4 Chapter 1

  1. Trauma
    A physical injury or wound caused by external force or violence. Leading killer of people under 44. Trauma is a surgical disease.
  2. Statistics
    • 155,000 deaths per year
    • 45,000 are automotive related
    • 30,000 firearms
  3. Penetrating Trauma
    Injury caused by an object breaking the skin and entering the body
  4. Blunt Trauma
    Injury caused by the collision of an object with the body in which the object does not enter the body
  5. Public Health Model of Trauma
    • Surveillance
    • Risk analysis
    • Intervention development
    • Implementation
    • Evaluation
  6. Epidemiology
    Study of disease to determine its prevalence, course and seriousness
  7. Trauma Center
    Hospital that has the capability of caring for acutely injured patients. Strict criteria to use this designation.
  8. Trauma Center Designations
    • Level I- Regional Trauma Center
    • Commites resources to address all types of specialty trauma 24/7/365

    • Level II- Area Trauma Center
    • Commits resources to address most common trauma emergencies with surgery available 24/7/365. Will stabilize and transport to regional center.

    • Level III- Community Trauma Center
    • Commits to special ED training and has some surgical capability but will stabilize and transfer to higher level center as needed.

    • Level IV- Trauma Facility
    • Remote areas small hospital may be designated a trauma facility, meaning it will stabilize and prepare seriously injured patients for transfer to higher level center.
  9. Trauma Triage Criteria
    Guidelines to aid prehospital personnel in determining which trauma patients require urgent transportation to a trauma center
  10. Mechanism of Injury
    The processes and forces that cause trauma
  11. Index of Suspicion
    Anticipation of bodily injury based on mechanism of injury.
  12. Golden Period
    Concept that it is important to hasten care and delivery to a trauma center for the seriously injured patient. Replaces the GoldenHour
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Volume 4 Chapter 1
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