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    See how ideas keep creeping through? That takes the sting off the sexy parts. Oh, look out. Here comes my boss, Mr Hasler. There’s capital for you. Capital with a capital C. He’s a great economist. (Hasler has entered from UR, )
    • Hasler;Waste, waste, waste!!!
    • (Rodriguez inters, he shout at him) Turn off those damm lights!
    • Do you think that J.P Morgan got rich
    • leaving lights burning all over Wall Street?
    • Where’s my secretary?
    • Gladys?
  2. Gladys: Yes Mr Hasler?

    Hines: I love her, I love her.
    • Hasler:
    • Where’s the new superintendent?
  3. Gladys: Can’t find him.
    Here’s Mabel…she’ll know.
    • Hasler: (to Mabel)
    • Where’s Sorokin?
  4. Mabel: He’s around the plant somewhere. Mr Hasler. First there was a leak in the watermtower then he went down to the boiler room.
    • Hasler;
    • Well go find him.
  5. Mabel: Yes Mr Hasler.
    • Hasler:
    • Gladys, take a letter.
  6. Gladys: Yes Sir
    • Hasler:
    • Board of Directors:
    • Employer’s demands for 7 1/2 cents rise
    • Absolutely unnecessary.
    • (Girls react)
    • Hines!
  7. Hines: Yes sir?
    • Hasler:
    • Keep things goin’.
    • (He exits)
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