For Quiz on 1-1402011

  1. What is the Pas Paradigm Singular?
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  2. What is the Pas Paradigm Plural?
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  3. Make sure you study Vocab? .. For what Chapter?
    Chapter 10
  4. What is Noun Rule #7?
    Whenever a stop and a sigma come together, the Square of Stops applies.
  5. What is Noun Rule #8?
    A tau cannot stand at the end of a word; it will drop off.
  6. Why is the article is especially helpful in dealing with the 3rd declension?
    Because it does not change form with the declensions
  7. The Article does not change form with the declensions.

    However, What can it change? and what is the result of that?
    The article can change function, serving as a weak form of demonstrative pronoun, as a relative pronoun, or as a personal pronoun (e.g., as in o` de).
  8. What is one more thing the Article can do?
    It can also function to convert a word, phrase, or clause to a substantive or to designate an attributive relationship
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