Vocab final

  1. Abash
    To make someone ashamed or embarassed
  2. Abhor
    To hate alot
  3. Abide
    To follow, continue, or stay
  4. Abyss
    A deep, immeasurable space
  5. Accessible
    Something that you can access, state or quality of being approachable
  6. Affluence
    Someone or something of wealth
  7. Allege
    To accuse someone of something
  8. Amiable
    Someone who is fun to be around
  9. Apalling
    Causing extreme dismay or horror
  10. Aspiration
    Strong desire, ambition to do something
  11. Assuage
    To make milder or less severe
  12. Austerity
    Living a life of no luxury
  13. Barter
    To trade by the exchange of goods rather than money
  14. Beguile
    To influence by trickery, flattery
  15. Benevolence
  16. Caliber
    The diameter of something or the how good someone is at somethigg; highest caliber
  17. Callous
    Hardening of the skin or hard feelings
  18. Candor
    Complete honesty
  19. Cantankerous
    Disagreeable to deal with
  20. Capricious
  21. Charlatan
    A phony, esp a fake doctor
  22. Cogently
    To the point
  23. Complacency
    A feeling of quiet pleasure or security while unaware of some potential danger
  24. Concerted
    Coordinated by two people
  25. Consummate
    To bring to a state of perfection; fulfil or complete
  26. Contemptuous
    without respect; in a disdainful manner
  27. Contentious
    Marked by heated arguments or controversy, someone who likes to argue
  28. Corroborative
    To confirm
  29. Credo
    any system of principles or beliefs
  30. Deceptive
    misleading, likely or attempting to deceive
  31. Defraud
    To obtain money or property by fraud; to swindle
  32. Demoralize
    To destoy someones moral, make less hopeful or enthusiatic
  33. Denounce
    To condemn openly against something
  34. Destitute
    So poor that you don't have the necessities to live
  35. Desultory
    Jumping, or passing, from one thing or subject to another
  36. Disclosure
    To make a secret known to the public
  37. Disparagement
    To put someone down
  38. Embellish
    To make more beautiful and attractive; to decorate
  39. Encompass
    To surround something or include all details
  40. Endear
    make attractive or lovable
  41. Deficient
    Lacking something
  42. Equable
    Calm and steady, not changing
  43. Euphonious
  44. Explicit
    Clearly expressed or stated
  45. Fallacy
    an argument that is not logically valid
  46. Farce
    A farce is a comedy written for the stage or film which aims to entertain the audience by means of unlikely, extravagant, and improbable
  47. Feasible
    Capable of being done easily
  48. Fervent
  49. Fester
    to become rotten; To worsen, especially due to lack of attention
  50. Fiasco
    A ludicrous or humiliating failure
  51. Gamut
    The entire scale or range
  52. Garish
    Overly Decorated
  53. Garrulous
    Overly talkative
  54. Gaunt
    Extremelely thin and bony
  55. Habitat
    The natural environment of an organism
  56. Hackneyed
    repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse
  57. Haggard
    Worn out and tired
  58. Hapless
  59. Haven
    A safe place
  60. Havoc
    Great destruction or devastation
  61. Heresy
    An idea or doctrine that you do not agree with
  62. Illustrious
    Well know, highly distinguished
  63. Imbibe
    To consume by drinking
  64. Impeach
    to bring an accusation against someone
  65. Impending
    about to happen
  66. impertinent
    Irrelevant, off topic
  67. Implacable
    Hard to penetrate
  68. Impotent
    Lacking power or ability
  69. Incontrovertible
    Not open to question or dispute
  70. Ingenious
    Cleverly inventive or resourceful
  71. Innocuous
  72. Insidious
    Intended to entrap or beguile
  73. Intractable
    Not easily controlled or directed
  74. Irrelevant
    Off topic, not relevant
  75. Lethargy
    The state if being tired, fatigued
  76. Livid
    Having a dark, bluish appearance
  77. Lucrative
    producing a sizeable profit
  78. Manifest
    To make clear or evident or to spread
  79. Menagerie
    A zoo
  80. Minimal
    The least possible
  81. Negligent
    Careless, lazy
  82. Nemesis
    An enemy
  83. Nimble
  84. Noxious
    Harmful to your health or well being
  85. Nuance
    A slight difference in meaning or opinion
  86. Obstreperous
    Very loud and noisy
  87. Obtuse
    difficult to understand
  88. Officious
    A nosey person
  89. Ominous
    Portending evil or harm, something bad will happen
  90. Opportune
    Appropriate, suitable
  91. Pallid
  92. Palpable
    Capable of being touched or felt
  93. Paramount
    having superior power and influence, most important
  94. Paucity
  95. Penance
    Price you pay for sin
  96. Pensive
    deeply or seriously thoughtful
  97. Precarious
    dangerously insecure or unstable
  98. Premise
    land and the buildings on it, a statement that is assumed to be true and from which a conclusion can be drawn from it
  99. Prevalent
  100. Quaint
    Charmingly old fashioned
  101. Quash
    To defeat forcibly
  102. Ramshackle
    Loosely held together
  103. Rancor
    Hatred or malice
  104. Repercussions
    An effect or result of a serious event or action
  105. Reprimand
    A scolding or to scold
  106. Repudiate
    To reject as having no authority or binding force
  107. Scrutiny
    To examine something very closely
  108. Shirk
    To skip work
  109. Sovereign
    A monarch
  110. Stagnant
    Not flowing or running
  111. Subtle
    Small but signifigant
  112. Surfeit
    An excess amount
  113. Tedious
    long and tiresome
  114. Tenet
    A principle, doctrine, held as true by members of a profession, group, or religion
  115. Tribulation
    Grievous trouble
  116. Unprecedented
    Never before known or experienced
  117. Usurp
    To seize something by force
  118. Utilitarian
    Someone or something that is handy
  119. Variable
    Something that can be changed
  120. Virile
    Manly and muscular
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