1. Aerophones
    wind instruments; instruments in which the sound-generating medium is an enclosed column of air. (Examples - flutes, trumpets)
  2. Idiophones
    instruments that are struck, shaken or rubbed to produce sound.(Examples - rattles, gongs, chimes, xylophones)
  3. Membranophones
    instruments wherein a membrane is stretched over a resonator to produce sound. (Examples - drums; heads of drums are often made from animal hide or a synthetic substitute)
  4. Chordophones
    Instruments which have strings stretched over in connection to a resonator to create sound. (Examples - zithers, lutes, harps)
  5. Human Voice
    • four primary classifications are Soprano (highest women's voice),Alto (low women's voice), tenor (highest men's voice), baritone (low sounding men's voice), bass (lowest men's voice)
    • Bass and baritone are in the same category
  6. Falsetto
    a method of singing by male singers to reach notes above their ordinary range; muscular interference causes only a portion of the vocal folds to function for singing
  7. Corpophone
    the body as a musical instrument (clapping, stamping, etc.)
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