health final 3

  1. distal
    distant from the point of referance
  2. umbilicus
    belly button
  3. diaphragm
    muscle that seporates the ventral cavity into two distinct cavities
  4. papilla
    part of the skin that is often used as a method of identification
  5. erythema
    redish color of the skin. can be caused by burns or a congestion of blood in the vessles
  6. jaundice
    a yellow discoloration of the skin. can indicate bile in the blood as a result of liver or gallbladder disease
  7. cyanois
    a bluish discoloration of the skin. caused by insuffinient oxygen
  8. sweat glands
    sudoriferous glands
  9. oil glands
    sebaeous gland
  10. components of sweat:
    • water
    • salts
    • body wastes
  11. what do blood vessels do to cool down the body?
  12. acne vulgaris
    can be presented as blackheads, whiteheads, papules, and/or pustules. common during puberty
  13. eczema
    symptomes of this chronic condition includes a recurrent red itchy rash. often triggered by exposer to foods, fabrics, heat or humidity
  14. impetigo
    condition caused by staph or strep. symptomes often include a "honey-colored" crust around the mouth and nose
  15. psoriasis
    non-contagious, chronic condition characterized by a silvery- white scaley, itchy patches with a clear center
  16. ringworm
    skin infection caused by fungus. symptomes include round, scaley, itchy patches with a clear center
  17. shingles
    caused by the virus HPV. symptomes include rough, raised, painful, reddened areas
  18. scabies
    caused by mited digging into the skin. symptomes include red, pimple-like rash that may trace the mites paths
  19. diaphysis
    the long shaft
  20. epiphysis
    ends of the bone
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