health final 2

  1. hospice
    provide care to terminaly ill patients with a life expectancy of 6 months or less
  2. co- insurance
    requires that specific percentages of expences are shared by patient and insurance company
  3. co-payment
    a specific amount of money a petient pays for perticular services
  4. deductible
    amounts that mist be paid by the patient for medical servies before the policy begins to pay
  5. what is a health maintenance organization?
    care is directed toward prevention
  6. food and drug administration
    regulates the food and drugs sold to the public
  7. world health organization
    compiles statistics and information of disease. investigates and deals with serious health problems throughout the world
  8. centers for disease control and prevention
    studies the causes, spread, and control of diseases in the populations
  9. occupation safety and health administration
    establishes and enforces standards that protect workers from job-related injuries and illnesses
  10. causes for high health care costs:
    • aging population
    • technology
    • health related lawsuits
  11. methods used to contain costs:
    • DRG
    • mass or bulk purchase
    • energy conservation
  12. superior
  13. inferior
  14. cranial
    toward the head
  15. caudal
    toward the "tail"
  16. medial
  17. lateral
    away from center
  18. ventral
    in front of body
  19. dorsal
  20. proximal
    close to point of referance
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