1. abrogate
    to abolish, to ignore or treat as if nonexistent
  2. arrogate
    to caim or seize without justification
  3. derogatory
    expressing a low or poor opinion of something or someone
  4. perogative
    a special ot exclusive right, power or privlege that sets one apart from others
  5. inquisition
    questioning often harsh or severe
  6. perquisite
    • 1. a privlege or profit added to a base salary
    • 2. something claimed as an excluzive right/possesion
  7. acquisitive
    eager to aquire, greedy
  8. acquisition
    demand or request made with propper authority
  9. abberant
    straying from the right, normal, or natural type
  10. errant
    • 1. wandering about aimlessly
    • 2. straying outside the proper bounds, or away from acceptable pattern/standard
  11. erratic
    • 1.having no fixed course
    • 2.lacking in consistency
  12. erroneous
    mistaken or incorrect
  13. accede
    • 1. to give into a request or demand
    • 2. give approval or consent
  14. antecendent
    • 1. preceding event
    • 2. ones parent or ancestor
  15. concession
    • 1. yielding of a point or privlege unwillingly
    • 2. an acknowledgement or admission
  16. precedent
    something done or said that may be an example to guide later acts
  17. dissonant
    • 1. clashing in music
    • 2. incompatible or disagreeing
  18. resonance
    • 1. continuing or echoning of sound
    • 2. richness and variety in depth and quality of sound
  19. sonic
    having to do with sound
  20. sonorous
    full, loud or rich in sound
  21. biodegradeable
    able to be broken down into harmless substances that can be broken down by microorganisms
  22. biotic
    having normal powers, abilities, or performance improved by electronic or mechnical devices
  23. biopsy
    the removal and examination of tissue, cells or fluids from a living body
  24. sympbiosis
    a cooperative relationship between 2 or more people
  25. carcinogenic
    producing or causing cancer
  26. congenial
    similar in outlook, temperment, and tastes
  27. indigenous
    operating in and found naturally occuring in a particular area or enviorment
  28. generic
    not specific, general
  29. malfunction
    to fail to operate in the normal or usual manner
  30. functionary
    someone who performs a certain function; someone who holds a position in a political party or government
  31. fungible
    being such that one part or amount is interchangable with or may be substituted for another equal part
  32. perfunctionary
    shallow, routine, mechanical, lacking in interest or enthusiasm
  33. acerbic
    sharp or biting temper mood or tone
  34. acrid
    unpleasantly sharp and harsh, bitter
  35. acrimony
    sharp or bitter sharpness in words, manners, or temper
  36. exacerbate
    to make worse
  37. deconstruction
    analysis of texts, works of art, and cultural patterns that is intended to expose the assumptions on which they are based
  38. infrastructure
    • 1.underlying foundation or basic support
    • 2.system of public works
  39. construe
    • explain the arrangement of words in a sentence
    • 2.understand or explain/interpret
  40. instrumental
    acting as a means, agent, or tool
  41. tort
    a wrongful act that does not involve a breach of contract and for which the injured party can recieve damages in a civil court
  42. extort
    to obtain from a person by force, threats, or illegal power
  43. tortous
    • 1. having many twists, bends, and turns
    • 2. Crooked or tricked complex
  44. convivial
    fond of feasting, drinking, and good company
  45. revivify
    to give new life to, bring back to life
  46. vivacious
    lively or sprightly
  47. vivisection
    operation on living animals often for experimental purposes
  48. occlusion
    obstruction or blockages, act if obstructing or closing off
  49. preclude
    • make impossible or rule out in advance
    • prevent
  50. recluse
    person who lives withdrawn from society
  51. seclusion
    • 1.a screening or hiding from view
    • 2.a place isolated or hidden
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