Great Depression Study Guide Pt.2

  1. Why did people's physical and mental health decline during the depression?
    Diet and Anxiety
  2. What was the major ecological crisis of 1930s?
  3. What did Hoover believe was the best strategy for fighting the depression?
    Voluntary Controls
  4. Why did so many banks close their doors after the Crash of '29?
    Stock values collapsed, banks lost money and could not return the money.
  5. How did the collapse of the American economy affect the rest of the world?
    Worldwide Depression
  6. Who was the photographer that won aid for workers?
    Dorothio Lang
  7. What were women accused of during this era?
    Taking away jobs from the men
  8. How did consumer behavior change during the Depression?
    People only bought the neccessities
  9. What did some people do to help one from losing a farm in an auction?
    Bid very low in auctions
  10. Why did some people turn to the socialist ideas at this time?
    Capitalism doesn't work; poor people have no work
  11. What building was the symbol of hope during the depression?
    Empire State Building
  12. What legislation slowed down international trade in 1931?
    Hawley-Smoot Tariff
  13. What happened to the Bonus Army?
    Hoover sent the Bonus Army home
  14. What best describes FDR's Brain Trust?
    FDR turned to smart people.
  15. How did the Second New Deal suffer from the First New Deal?
    2nd New Deal provided recovery and reform in economy. Social Welfare benefits = relief
  16. What was the Black Cabinet?
    Unofficial group pro black rights
  17. What is the importance of the Wagner Act?
    Union member increase
  18. What can be said of movies in the late 30s?
    Movies = Escape from stress
  19. How did the NIRA aim to help businesses?
    The government provided money
  20. How did Eleanor Roosevelt help the President?
    Eleanor Roosevelt promoted New Deal; she told the president what does on in the country
  21. What caused the Reccession of '37?
    President tries to cut the debt
  22. The WPA helped what group of people?
  23. What New Deal Agencies exist today?
  24. What was the fundamental disagreement among the presidential candidates of 1932?
    Hoover - Restrain on Federal Government; FDR - Government does anything and everything
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