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  1. Peter Gabriel
    Former Genesis singer. Early experimenter of sitar tracks. Begun the WOMAD Festival to bring together great bands around the world.
  2. WOMAD
    World of Music, Arts, and Dance
  3. "World Music"
    Label given to publicize bands from around the world, originally describing groups that drew inspiration and techniques from African and Indian music.
  4. Paul Simon
    Put together the Graceland album. Pop singer open to diverse sources and musical collaborations. Broke the UN's cultural boycott on South Africa.
  5. Graceland
    a tribute to musicians and musical styles of black South African culture including influences from mbaqanga, iscathamiya, and dances called gumboot. The album was very controversial.
  6. Mbaqanga
    "township jive" featuring characteristically African elements along with early rock and roll. Featured saxophones.
  7. Iscathamiya
    Choral style of male akapela voices in harmony with call and response and clicks.
  8. Gumboot
    Dance style of mine workers in South Africa.
  9. Exoticism
    Adopting sounds of other cultures for the sake of simple novelty.
  10. Ethnocentrism
    Judging music by its relationship to our own cultural experience.
  11. Musicologists
    Study of the history of music.
  12. Music theorists
    Analyze composition and musical systems
  13. Ethnomusicologists
    Study music as a part of people's way of life
  14. Ethnomusicology
    • The study of music as a part of people way of life.
    • Folk music
    • Created by amateurs for their own community's enjoyment.
  15. Popular music
    Created by professionals for mass audiences, usually with the intention of selling it as a commodity.
  16. Art music
    Classical music, created by professionals, but sale to large audiences is less important than depth of expression, which can be complex and sophisticated.
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