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  1. obsequious
    overly attentive, like a sycophant, servile
  2. obstinate
    unyeilding regardless of reason or logic
  3. obtrude
    to thrust out, to thrust forward
  4. obtuse
    dull of mind, insensitive, stupid
  5. odious
    deserving hate or contempt
  6. ominous
  7. omnipotent
    having unlimited power
  8. ostentatious
    showy, pretentious
  9. penitent
    showing or feeling regret for wrongdoing, repentant
  10. pernicious
    very destructive or harmful, deadly
  11. perpetuate
    to prolong the existance of something
  12. perspicacious
    having clear insight, shrewd, very perceptive
  13. placid
    peaceful, calm
  14. ponderous
    very heavy, unwieldy from weight
  15. potent
    powerful, having a strong effect
  16. primeval
    ancient, relating to the earliest ages
  17. prodigious
    extraordinary in bulk, quantity, or degree, great in size, enormous
  18. prudent
    wise and careful about practical matters
  19. pungent
    sharp or irritating to the taste or smell, acrid
  20. querulous
    constantly complaining, whining
  21. ravenous
    urgently eager for food; craving satisfaction or gratification
  22. refractory
    unmanageable, stubborn with respect to authority
  23. remonstrate
    to protest, to make objections
  24. reproach
    to blame for something: a disgrace
  25. repudiate
    to reject, to disown, to disavow
  26. repugnant
    disgusting, offensive
  27. reticence
    restraint in speech, reluctance to speak
  28. revere
    to honor, to regard with respect
  29. rhapsodize
    to express in an overly entusiastic manner
  30. rudiment
    an essential element or skill, also the early stages of development
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Even more fun vocab
Even more fun vocab