quiz #1 – pain

  1. name the three types of pain
    • acute
    • chronic
    • referred
  2. what is acute pain
    is pain that occurs within 24 hours and is caused by high energy, pressure, or temperature
  3. true or false – in acute pain, cells burst open and dump their contents into the body
  4. what is chronic pain
    • it is a pain that doesn't go away
    • begins affecting behavior and life
  5. what is chronic pain caused by
    tissue that won't heal, bone spurs poking at something, or it can be caused by nothing (pain neurons don't shut off)
  6. allodynia is also known as
    reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  7. what is an early sign of allodynia
    pain that is more painful after the injury, then the pain that occurred at the time of injury.
  8. what causes allodynia
    • can be caused by any injury such as ankle sprain, which leads to pain, then hair loss on limb, then hypersensitivity, and then leads to limb color change
    • typically moves from distal to proximal (?)
  9. what is this condition
    Image Upload 2
  10. how do you prevent allodynia
    recognize the symptoms early, reduce pain at all cost using modalities, painkillers, etc.
  11. What is an example of allodynia?
    • reflex sympathetic dystrophy
    • RSD
  12. what is referred pain
    pain that occurs in one location but is felt in another

    Example; during a heart attack the pain is felt in the left shoulder
  13. What are nocioceptors?
    pain receptors in the skin that cue the brain
  14. What are some characteristics of afferent fibers?
    • pain fibers
    • C fibers= small, unmyelinated (conduct slow)
    • A-Delta fibers= small, myelinated (conduct fast)
  15. What is saltatory conduction?
    When an action potential propogates down a myelinated axon, jumping from node to node
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