Ancient Middle East REview Sheet 2

  1. Satrap
    A govenor of a province in the Persian Empire
  2. Satrapy
    an area of land that was ruled by the Satraps.
  3. Great Royal Road
    A road in the Persian Empire over 1600 miles.
  4. Ziggurat
    Sumerian temple
  5. Cradle of Civilization
  6. Crossroads of the World
    The Middle East was the meeting point of three different continents.
  7. Ur
    one of the earliest cities in Sumer.
  8. Code of Hammurabi
    Holds people responsible for their actions.
  9. Gilgamish Epic
    long poem. Mesopotamian myths and legends.
  10. Carriers of Civilization
    The Phoenicians
  11. Babylonian Captivity
    Jews were driven from their homeland by the Babylonians.
  12. Nebuchadnezzar
    A Babylonian king. Ran Egyptians out of Palestine and Syria. Attacked Jerusalem twice.
  13. Darius
    Took over the Persian Empire. Conquered a large amount of land.
  14. Sargon
    Defeated the city-states of Sumer. Created the world's first empire.
  15. Moses
    Led the Hebrew out of slavery.
  16. David
    Established Jerusalem as the capital.
  17. Cyrus
    Persian king and military genius. Wise and tolerant view of empire. No looting or burning of conquered lands. Allowed Jews to return to Jerusalem.
  18. Hammurabi
    King of the Babylonian Empire. Wrote Hammurabi's code.
  19. Zoroaster
    a Persian prophet. Earth is a battleground where great struggle is fought between good and evil spirits.
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Ancient Middle East REview Sheet 2
Ancient Middle East REview Sheet 2