1/11/2011: Vocabulary for Cause and Effect Relationships

  1. cause
    why something happened
  2. effect
    what happened
  3. signal words
    clue words (cause, effect, as a result, becasue, so, consequently, therefore, thus, since, when, then)
  4. relationship
    a significant connection or similarity between two or more people or things
  5. conclusion
    a decision made or an opinion formed after considering the relevant facts or evidence
  6. multi-flow thinking map
    a process of sequencing that shows what caused an event and the results/effects of the event. It helps the reader to analyze a situation by looking at the "why" and "consequences"-good and bad
  7. explicit
    expressing all details in a clear and obvious way, leaving no doubt as to the intended meaning (not implied or guessed at)
  8. inference (implied)
    the reasoning involved in drawing a conclusion or in making a logical judgement on the basis of direct observation
  9. literary texts
    nursery rhymes, songs, chants, poetry, plays, fairy tales, fantasy, fables, tall tales, realistic fiction, folk tales, historical fiction, mysteries, science fiction, myths, legends, short stories, epics (poems, novels, dramas)
  10. informational texts
    reference materials (to include dictionaries, glossaries, children's magazines, content trade books, children's newspapers, textbooks, encyclopedias, student newspapers, biographies, internet websites, public documents, essays, articles, technical manuals) and practical texts (to include instructions, announcements, invitations, book orders, recipes, menus, advertisements, pamphlets)
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1/11/2011: Vocabulary for Cause and Effect Relationships
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