Ancient China and Ancient India Review Sheet 2

  1. Loess
    fertile soil
  2. Mandate of Heaven
    a good ruler had the approval fro mheaven.
  3. Feudalism
    political system. Nobles are granted the use of lands that legally belong to the king. Nobles owe loyalty and military service to the king and protection to the people who live on their estates.
  4. Shang Dynasty
    First family of Chinese rulers who left written records. Constantly in war.
  5. Zhou Dynasty
    Overthrew the Shang, adopted much of their culture. Created Mandate of Heaven, established feudalism.
  6. Confucius
    Scholar, wanted to restore the order and moral living of earlier times to his society. Society could be restored if based around five basic relationships, which were based upon the family.
  7. Filial piety
    respect for parents and ancestors.
  8. Daoism
    philosophy based on Laozi. Taught that people should be guided by a universal force called the Dao.
  9. Yin yang
    Two powers represent the natural rh ythms of life. Yin = cold, dark, soft, and mysterious. Yang = warm, bright, hard, and clear.
  10. Qin Dynasty
    Legalist ideas. Great Wall was built. Autocracy established. Standards were set.
  11. Shi Huangdi
    First ruler of the Qin Dynasty. Used legalist ideas to unify China. Nobles brought to capital so he could watch them. Confucian scholars killed. Books burned. Established autocracy. Set the same standards. Buitl Great WAll.
  12. Autocracy
    A government that has unlimited power and uses it in an arbitrary manner.
  13. Vedas
    Collections of prayers, magical spells, and instructions for performing rituals for the Aryans.
  14. Brahmins
    Aryan priests
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Ancient China and Ancient India Review Sheet 2
Ancient China and Ancient India Review Sheet 2