Review Sheet Ancient Egypt 2

  1. Pharaohs
    The center of Egypt's religion, government, and army.
  2. Ka
    Egyptians believed that their king had an eternal life force (ka).
  3. Menes/Narmer
    United Upper and lower Egypt. Combined crown.
  4. Hatshepsut
    She took over because stepson too young. Encouraged trade.
  5. Hyksos
    Invaders that ruled Egypt. Egyptians drove them out of Egypt.
  6. Tut
    Changed his name's ending, to show that he returned to traditional religious practices.
  7. Osiris
    god fo the dead.
  8. Isis
    most important goddess. Ideal mother and wife.
  9. Anubis
    god of embalming and of the dead.
  10. Champollion
    French scholar who broke the code of hieroglyphics.
  11. Thutmose III
    Warlike ruler, led a number of victorious invasions.
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Review Sheet Ancient Egypt 2
Review Sheet Ancient Egypt 2