Greek Review Sheet 2

  1. Minoans
    Earliest civilization that arose in Greece. Lived on Crete.
  2. Mycenaeans
    Invaded Minoans.
  3. Trojan War
    According to legend, a Greek army destroyed Troy because a Trojan prince kidnapped Helen, the wife of a Greek king.
  4. Dorians
    After Mycenaean civilization collapsed, Dorians moved into the area. No writing, not advanced, not much know about this time.
  5. Monarchy
    one person rules
  6. Aristocracy
    landowning families
  7. oligarchy
    a few powerful people rule
  8. Democracy
    rule by the people
  9. Tyrant
    People who seized control of the government. Good. Looked to common people for support.
  10. Solon
    Four social classes according to wealth.
  11. Cleisthenes
    10 groups of people based on where they lived, not wealth.
  12. Draco
    All Athenians were equal under the law.
  13. Phalanx
    The formation of Greek soldiers.
  14. Athens
    Direct Demoacracy
  15. Sparta
    military state
  16. Polis
    city state
  17. Darius
    Persian king who wanted to destroy Athens.
  18. Xerxes
    Darius' successor. Triedto destroy Athens, did not succeed.
  19. Marathon
    Athenians won against Persians.
  20. Salamis
    an island. Athenians positioned their fleet near Salamis in response to Xerxes invading AThens.
  21. Pericles
    Led Athens to golden age. Wanted to strengthen demoacracy, empire, and glorify Athens.
  22. Herodotus
    He pioneered the accurate reporting of events.
  23. Parthenon
    Greek temple deicated to Athena.
  24. Socrates
    had absolute standards for truth and justice.
  25. The Republic
    Plato wrote. His vision of a perfectly governed society.
  26. Hellenistic culture
    Greek culture with Egyptian, Persian, and Indian influences
  27. Alexander the Great
    Invaded and conquered Persia
  28. Epicureanism
    Greatest good and highest pleasure come from virtuous conduct and absense of pain.
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