Ch. 14 Chapter Test

  1. Acromegaly
    enlargement of the head, face, hands, and feet due to excess growth hormone in an adult
  2. Addison Disease
    an autoimmune disease leading to decreased production of adrenocortical steroids
  3. Adrenal virilism
    hypersecretion of androgens; masculinization of women
  4. Aldosteronism
    condition caused by excessive secretion of aldosterone
  5. Androgen
    hormone that promotes masculine characteristics
  6. Benign
    denoting the nonmalignant character of a neoplasm or illness
  7. Coma
    state of deep unconciousness
  8. Corticoid
    one of the steroid hormones produced by the adrenal complex
  9. Cretinism
    condition of severe congenital hypothyroidism
  10. Cushing Syndrome
    hypersecretion of cortisol(hydrocortisone) by the adrenal cortex
  11. DHEA
  12. Diabetes Mellitus
    syndrome characterized by hyperglycemia resulting from an absolute or relative impairment of insulin secretion and/or insulin action
  13. Euthyroid
    nomal thyroid function
  14. Exophthalmos
    protrusion of the eyeball
  15. Gestational Diabetes
    Diabetes in pregnant women only while pregnant
  16. Gigantism
    abnormal height and size of entire body
  17. Glycosylated
    hemoglobin A fraction linked to glucose; used as an index of glucose control
  18. Graves Disease
    autoimmune disorder in which an antibody stimulates the thyroid to produce and secrete excessive quantities of thyroid hormones into the blood-Hyperthyroidism with toxic goiter
  19. HbA1c
    glucosylated hemoglobin(hemoglobin A one-c)
  20. Hirsutism
    excessive body and facial hair
  21. Hypercalcemia
    excessive level of calcium in the blood
  22. Hyperparathyroidism
    excessive levels of parathyroid hormone
  23. Hypothyroidism
    Deficient production of thyroid hormones
  24. Langerhans
    areas of pancreatic cells that produce insulin and glucagon
  25. Oxytocin
    pituitary hormone that stimulates the uterus to contract
  26. P.O.
    by mouth
  27. Pineal
    pertaining to the pineal gland
  28. Pituitary Dwarfism
    underproduction of growth hormone leading to short stature
  29. Polydipsia
    excessive thirst
  30. Polyuria
    excessive production of urine
  31. Prolactin
    pituitary hormone that stimulates the production of milk
  32. S.A.D.
    seasonal affective disorder
  33. Synergist
    agent or process that aids the action of another
  34. Thymoma
    benign tumor of the thymus
  35. Thyroiditis
    inflammation of the thyroid gland
  36. Thyroxine (T4)
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