Inventory Management

  1. DAW Code 1 indicates the physician:
    requires that the prescription be filled exactly as written — no substitution permitted.
  2. DAW Code 0 indicates the physician:
    authorized generic substitution and the patient accepts the generic or the generic is not available
  3. The insurance company is known as the:
  4. Which purchasing method allows the pharmacy buyer to purchase a large number of product from one
    single source?
  5. Which purchasing method allows the pharmacy buyer to purchase a large number of products from one single source with better pricing and service terms? This method often requires a dollar volume commitment.
    Prime vendor
  6. Class I recall
    most dangerous type of recall and describes dangerous or defective drugs that could cause serious health problems or even death
  7. Class II recall
    This class describes products that may cause temporary health problems, or that pose a slight threat of a serious nature.
  8. Class III recall
    The least severe of recalls and includes products that are unlikely to cause any adverse health reactions but violate FDA labeling and/or manufacturing laws.
  9. market withdrawal
    what happens when a product has a minor violation that would not be subject to FDA legal action. The firm either corrects the problem or removes the product from the market.
  10. medical device safety alert
    issued when a medical device may present and unreasonable risk of substantial harm. These situations are also considered recalls.
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