1. accelerate
    tr. and intr. verb. to cause faster movement; to go faster
  2. celerity
    noun. swiftness; quickness; speed
  3. concur
    • intr. verb. 1. to agree; to cooperate
    • 2. to coincide; to happen simutaneously
  4. discourse
    • noun. 1. Conversation
    • 2. a formal discussion of a subject in speech or writing
    • intr. verb. to talk; to discuss formally in speech or writing
  5. incur
    tr. verb. to meet with; to run into; to bring upon oneself
  6. precursor
    noun. forerunner
  7. succor
    • noun. to help in time of distress.
    • tr. verb. to render help to.
  8. conglomeration
    noun. a collection of unrelated things
  9. abject
    • adj. 1. humiliating and miserable
    • 2. contemptible
  10. conjecture
    • noun. an opinion forned fron inconclusive evidence; a guess
    • tr. and intr. verb. to conclude from insufficient evidence
  11. interjection
    noun. a word or phrase sometimes inserted between other workds, often expressing emotion; a word not linked grammatically to other words in a sentence.
  12. assail
    • tr. verb. 1. to attack violently; to assult
    • 2. to attack with harsh words; to ridicule or criticize harshly
  13. desultory
    • adj. 1. to jump fron one thing to another; rambling
    • 2. haphazard or random
  14. exult
    intr. verb. to rejoice greatly; to be triumphant
  15. resilient
    • adj. 1. capable of returning to the original shape after being bent or stretched
    • 2. buoyant; recovering quickly from illness, change, or misfortune
  16. salient
    • adj. 1. conspicuouse; striking
    • 2. projecting up and out
  17. convalesce
    intr. verb. to recover health after illness
  18. avail
    tr. verb. to use to one's own advantage (to avail oneself of)
  19. prevalent
    adj. widely occurring or in general use.
  20. valor
    noun. Heroic courage; bravery
  21. evolve
    • intr. verb. 1. to develop gradually
    • 2. to change fron a simpler to a more complex form of animal or plant life.
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