Pharm II (Diuretics Ia)

  1. What are the Mechanisms for Na+ absorption throughout the Nephron?
    • PT- NaHCO3
    • LH- Na/K/2Cl Symport
    • DT-NaCl
    • CT- Na/K channel
  2. What is the location of the Strongest and most efficatious Diuretics?
    in the LH, becaues it has less compensation later on.
  3. What are the Inhibitors of Na+ K+2Cl Co-transport?

    What is the Efficacy?

    Ethacrynic acid

    - High eficacy
  4. What are the Inhibitors of Na-Cl Co-transport?

    What is the efficacy?
    Chlorothiazide, Chlorthalidone, Metolazone and Indapamide (thiazide like diuretic).

    -Medium Efficacy
  5. Diuretics that act in the PT,LH,DT cause some degree of compensation in the CT. What is the primary Toxicity of these diuretics?
    • -Hypokalcemia--> can cause Arrythmias
    • -Metabolic Alkalosos
  6. Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor diuretic
  7. Acetazolamide
    Does NOT cause Alkalosis
  8. Potassium sparing diuretics
    Where is its action?

    When is this used?
    • Collecting Duct action
    • Aldosterone antagonist :

    Spironolactone, Eplerenone

    Used in 2ary Aldosterone release from Heart faliure
  9. Inhibitors of renal epithelial Na channel
    What are these used for?
    Triamterene, Amiloride

    Used for Ascities in Hepatic faluire
  10. Osmotic diuretics
    Mannitol, Glycerol
  11. What is Furosemide?
    What will intravenous use cause?
    What is this the DOC for?
    Inhibitors of Na+ K+ 2Cl Co-transport a High ceiling loop diuretic.

    • -Thick ascending loop of Henle
    • -Mild alkalosis at high dose
    • -rapid increase in systemic venous capacitance and decrease left ventricular filling pressure

    pulmonary edema
  12. Furosemide
    What does it increase?
    What can be seen?
    What is a common toxicity seen in intravenous administration?
    • -Increases calcium excretion
    • -Hyperglycemia and hyperuricemia can be occasionally seen with loop diuretics.

    -Ototoxicity frequently
  13. What drug shouldnt be given with Furosemide?
    Aminoglycosides, because both cause ototoxicity.
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Pharm II (Diuretics Ia)
Pharm II (Diuretics Ia)