Quiz 1

  1. Community-based nursing
    • focuses on health conditions in the community
    • illness-oriented care
    • family-oriented care
  2. Community-oriented nursing
    • focuses on the health of the community
    • health-promotion care
  3. Public health core functions
    • assessment
    • policy development
    • assurance
  4. Assurance
    • the public health role of making sure that essential community-oriented health services are available
    • ensure that policy development and interventions are appropriately carrient out to meet public health goals and plans
  5. Public Health Nursing
    • population-focused practice
    • a subset of community-oriented nursing
    • uses nursing, social, and public health sciences to provide care to population
  6. Shattuck Report
    • 1850 Masschusetts Sanitary Commission report
    • called for major improvements in state government for public health
    • took 19 years to begin implementation
  7. Lillian Wald
    • leader of public health nursing in late 1800s - 1900s
    • established Henry Street Nurses Settlement
    • had life insurance companies pay for nursing services
    • introduced the idea of school nurses (Lina Rogers)
    • first president of NOPHN
  8. Utilitarianism
    • consequence-focused
    • the moral value of an action depends on its overall benefit
  9. Deontology
    • an action is either right or wrong, regarless of the amount of good that might come from it
    • a person is an ends in themselves, not a means to an end
  10. Principles of Biomedical Ethics
    • respect for autonomy
    • nonmaleficence
    • beneficence
    • distributive justice
    • (1960s)
  11. Three theories of distributive justice
    • egalitarianism: equal rights and treatment
    • libertarian: right to private property, personal liberty
    • liberal democratic theory: values both liberty and equality
  12. 4 modes of culturally competent care
    • preservation
    • assessment
    • repatterning
    • brokering
  13. Primary health care vs. primary care
    • primary health care - broad, comprehensive services; self-management
    • primary care - pathophysiological process, health care services by physicians
  14. Public health
    • community efforts designed to prevent disease and promote health
    • collective effort by community members
  15. Community-oriented nursing vs. public health nursing
    • community-oriented nursing - health care for the community and community parts (individuals, families and groups)
    • public health nursing - health care for the population, a specialty of community-oriented nursing
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