Nervous System

  1. The nervous system maintains your

    B) consciousness
  2. The nervous system helps you _______ to the senses.

    A) respond
  3. The nervous system coordinates what you ________ or feel.

    B) sense
  4. The nervous system is responsible for memory and ______.

    C) learning
  5. The nervous system is a__________in the body.

    C) complex system
  6. Nerves let you experience ________.

    C) pain
  7. The _______ is the center of the nervous system.

    B) brain
  8. A special kind of cell in the nervous is the ___________.

    A) neuron
  9. The spinal cord connects the brain to the body's ___________.

    D) nerves
  10. A quick action made by the body without the brain knowing is called a __________.

    C) reflex
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