english midterm

  1. What does Foresight mean?
    Thoughtful regard for the future
  2. What does Vexed mean?
    Troubled, distressed, caused agitation
  3. What does sagacity mean?
    Sound Judgment
  4. What does Awe mean?
    A mixed feeling or reverence, fear, and wonder
  5. What does distinctness mean?
    Unmistakable, clearly defined
  6. What does concealment mean?
    A means of hiding
  7. What does waned mean?
    To grow gradually less
  8. What does scantlings mean?
    Small quanties or amounts
  9. What does suavity mean?
    Gracefulness, politeness
  10. What does audacity mean?
    Bold courage, daring
  11. What does reposed mean?
    To lay at rest
  12. What does derision?
    Contempt, ridicule
  13. What does dissimulation?
    Hidden under a false apperance
  14. What does hearkening mean?
    Giving careful attention
  15. What does over-acuteness?
    very keen
  16. What does bade mean?
    Urged, compelled
  17. What does officious mean?
    Excessive eagerness in offering unwanted services
  18. What does tumult mean?
    A disorderly commotion or disturbance
  19. What does decorum mean?
    Dignified behavior, speech, and dress
  20. What does interpose mean?
    To insert or introduce between parts; to place
  21. What does malevolent mean?
    Wishing harm to others
  22. What does strident mean?
    Loud, harsh, grating, or shrill
  23. What does gyration mean?
    To revolve around a fixed point or axis
  24. What does opaque mean?
    Impenetrable by light; neither transparent nor translucent
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