Africa and Mesoamerica

  1. What are the climate zones in Africa? What causes them?
    • They are in this order from North to South:
    • Coastal Lands (Mediterranean climate)
    • Sahara Desert
    • Savannah and grasslands for farming (Sudan)
    • Equator (tropical rain forest)
    • Savannah and grasslands for farming
    • Kalahari desert
    • Coastal lands (Mediterranean climate)

    Notice how it is symmetrical from the equator
  2. What key tool did the Kush civilization have? What was their special economic advantage?
    • Iron
    • They were in a good place for trade
  3. The Nile was initially controlled by Egypt. Who took the land from the Nile to the city of Meroe?
    The Kush people
  4. Who conquered the Kush?
    The Axum people
  5. What goods did the Axum people sell? To whom were they sold?
    • Sold: Elephants, ivory, rhino horns, and perfume. (for cloth and goods)
    • Sold to: India and Mediterranean
  6. What religion did the Axum people practice?
  7. Who were the people of Ghana? What was their main livelihood?
    • The Sonnke
    • They were intermediaries in the salt and gold trades
  8. What was the capital of Ghana? Who destroyed the civilization?
    • Kumbi (ya)
    • The Muslims
  9. Who were the people of Mali? Who founded the civilization? What was its capital?
    • Mandingo
    • Sundiata
    • Timbuktu
  10. Who was the most famous Mandingo leader? What is his most well known exploit?
    • Mansa Musa
    • He took the Hajj and distributed gold on the way
  11. Complete the blanks: Songhai was a __________ civilization (religion). It was larger and __________
    than Mali. It was a primarily _________ state.
    • Muslim
    • Weaker
    • Military
  12. Who conquered Songhai?
    The Morroccans
  13. The Bantu-Speaking people migrated from where? To where did they go?
    • West Africa
    • South Africa
  14. Name three Bantu-Speaking kingdoms.
    • Luba
    • Congo (Kongo?)
    • Zimbabwe
  15. Zimbabwe (they had stone runs) is located between what two nations?
    Zambezi and Lampopo
  16. When the Islamic and Bantu-Speaking people met, where did they meet and what language did they form?
    • East Africa (think Somalia)
    • Swahili
  17. Kilwa was a strong African state until the ____________ showed up looking for _____________________ to ___________.
    • Portuguese
    • A trade route
    • India
  18. How did the first American people get here?
    They crossed from Asia on the land bridge.
  19. When the land bridge was covered with water, the original Americans were cut off from other societies. What innovations did they have? What did they not have?
    • Had: Gold; silver; copper; tools made from stone, wood and bone
    • Didn't Have: Bronze, wheels
  20. When the glaciers melted, people stopped hunting and started what?
  21. What is Mr. Largo's favorite cologne?
    Image Upload 2
  22. What is Mrs. Abrams' favorite perfume?
    Image Upload 4
  23. What regions does Meso America encompass?
    Mexico and Central America
  24. What was the mother culture of the Meso Americans? Where was it located?
    • Olmec
    • Near the Gulf of Mexico (in Mexico, not in Florida) <--obviously...
  25. What style of writing did the Olmecs have?
  26. Where would you likely find this? Image Upload 6How many Mrs. Johnstons tall is it?
    • San Lorenzo
    • Just kidding...
  27. Why were the Olmec priests so powerful?
    They can predict eclipses, and they have immense astrological knowledge.
  28. What was the Olmec's premier crop? What architectural sites did they have for worship? What animal was sacred to them?
    • Maize
    • Pyramids
    • Jaguars (made from Jade)
  29. What was the the first city in America? What was their foremost economic activity? How did it end?
    • Teotihuacan (accent on the last 'a')
    • Merchant trading
    • It was attacked from the North (but it still lasted for a while before that)
  30. Where did the Incan civilization start?
    They moved from the Andes Mntns. to the Valley of Cuzco.
  31. What important god did the Inca people worship?
    Inti (the sun god)
  32. What style of control did the Inca government exercise?
    They were very controlling and allowed little private trade.
  33. What omen did Huyana Capac recieve when the Inca empire was about to end?
    Butterflies and moths flew out of a box.
  34. Capan was a Mayan city similar to Paris (small but artsy and intelligent). Explain the ball game they played there.
    They tried to keep a big rubber ball moving, and it symbolized the movement of the moon, stars and sun. This brought a good harvest.
  35. Modern Mayan weavings parallel those of the past. How were Mayan people buried?
    They were buried under their homes with their family members.
  36. What was found in Temple 16?
    A preserved temple within a temple. They found flint carvings.
  37. Why did the Mayan civilization end?
    They conquered too many groups just for the land. As a result, they got a bad rep. and people left as others attacked.
  38. What was special about Dos Pilas and Capan?
    • Dos Pilas: Two walls made from the castle stone were constructed to hold out enemies (they were made on top of that hieroglyphic staircase)
    • Capan: They built houses on farm land and there were too many people and not enough food.
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