1. When is cutter engineering report due?
    JAN 31st
  2. Who can sign to place and remove tags?
    Authorizing Officer
  3. What is the smallest particle size visible to the human eye?
    40 Micons
  4. In an AC&R system, where is mold most likely to grow?
    Drain pan
  5. In a zone type HVAC system, where will one duct go?
    several spaces
  6. What are two types of gate valves?
    Parallel and Wedge
  7. Vacuum gauges indicate in what?
    In HG
  8. What is the flashpoint of F-76?
    140 Degrees
  9. Rudder stock is supported by what?
  10. RO dumps ovbd at what ppm?
    500 ppm
  11. If you have no display on your RCS what should you check?
  12. Waster ring in the sea chest is for what?
    Prevent galvanic corrosion
  13. Interpersonal relationships are unauthorized between members at what unit?
  14. Probable causes for search and seizure are under which rule for court martial?
  15. When was the first time that the entire CG was transferred to the Navy?
  16. Which cutter fired the first shots in the civil war?
    Harriet Lane
  17. What is the acceptable leakage rate for a screw type hydraulic pump shaft seal?
    50 ML
  18. If you have a bearing failure in a centrifugal pump with excessive vibration, what is the likely cause?
  19. What is the disadvantage of a centrifugl pump?
    Suction lift
  20. As the wire size increases, what happens to resistance and amperage?
    Resistance down / Amperage up
  21. As the wire gauge number increases, what happens to the size of the wire?
  22. In a CAN buss, what does CAN stand for?
    Controller Area Network
  23. What percentage of working pressure do you test a temporary hose to?
  24. What does the pre-heater in in an HVAC system do?
    Heat intake air preventing condensation
  25. How does a rise in RO input water temp effect the output rate?
    Output increases
  26. What year did we give 10 cutters to Great Britain?
    March 1941
  27. What does the 1Parts line in a Casrep do?
    Identifies parts required and quantity
  28. What fuel is used in a P-100 pump?
    F-76 or JP5
  29. What coolant is used in a Keel Cooler?
  30. At a mondernized unit, where is your boat inspection report recorded?
  31. On a Honda 225/150, which valve does the VTEC control?
  32. When charging a battery for the first time, what type of charge should you use?
    Long / Low Rate
  33. What state is the refrigerant in an AC/R system in when it is in liquid and gas form in the same space?
  34. What are the five sections in the Dept. of Homeland Security?
    • 1. Border and Transportation Security
    • 2. Emergency Preparedness & Response
    • 3. Science & Technology
    • 4. Info Analysis & Infrastructure Protection
    • 5. Management
  35. With a floating charge, the charger monitors what?
  36. What is the minium CASREP priority assigned by an U/W unit?
  37. Where is triple guard grease used on a Honda 225 outboard drive shaft?
    The drive shaft splines
  38. What is an 1/8" in decimal?
  39. How many digits are in an NSN?
  40. The color of wire terminals is used to determine the ____ of the wire it can be used on.
  41. 1STRIP line on a CASREP provides what?
    Milstrip info for parts in 1PARTS
  42. At what rpm does the VTEC on a Honda 150 switch from the low speed cam to the high speed cam?
    4300 rpms
  43. What should the air gap be for potable water pipe?
    Two times the diameter
  44. What % of hydraulic failure is due to contamination?
  45. For machinery spaces, fresh air is ducted to where?
    Watch stations
  46. When using an ammeter to troubleshoot a system, always use the _________ amp scale.
  47. The most common type of media for coarse filtration is?
    Surface media
  48. In what war did the cutter Jefferson capture the first war prize?
    War of 1812
  49. What is a 3307 used for?
  50. Who captured ten prizes, one having 44 guns and 200 men during the Quasi War?
    Cutter Pickering
  51. What is the max time for EMI?
    Two hours
  52. The MPU-23 CARD exhibits what color lights on the panel when operating normally?
    Green, Yellow, Yellow
  53. When an HVAC secures via the low pressure switch, this is an indicator of?
    Low pressre on the low side
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