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  1. what are the goals of massage?
    • relaxation
    • pain relief (feeds into parasympathetic system and decreases input to limbic system)
    • decrease edema
    • increase range of motion: relieve tension
    • increase blood flow
  2. what are some massage media?
    • albolene
    • cocoa
    • butter formula
    • powder
    • lotion
  3. if the massage media has a primary ingredient of water what will happen?
    the water will evaporate and leave white specks
  4. what are some important things to remember when performing a massage?
    patient is comfortable, good body mechanics, maintain patient modesty, encourage patient to rotate neck when necessary, and to keep arms below 90°to avoid stretching of the brachial plexus.
  5. what are the different types of massage strokes?
    • effleurage
    • petrissage
    • tapotement
    • friction massage
  6. describe effleurage
    effleurage is a light and gentle massage stroke that is used to begin a massage and used to transition between massage strokes.

    The strokes are usually long and sweeping with hands in full contact with the patients back
  7. describe petrissage
    petrissage is a pinching, kneading, or lifting of the skin and underlying tissue, such as muscle or fascia.
  8. describe tapotement
    tapotement is the beating of the skin usually around the rib cage to break up fluid within the lungs.
  9. describe friction massage
    friction massage is used to break up adhesions or scar tissue that may decrease range of motion.
  10. how long should friction massage last
    no longer than 2 min.
  11. what is the purpose of friction massage
    to break down adhesions in the fascia and break down scar tissue
  12. how should every massage end
    always finish with effleurage
  13. What position should the neck be in for a massage?
    • slight flexion to neutral
    • DO NOT want it in extension
  14. What should you be cautious of in terms of arm position during a massage?
    make sure arms are not up over the head or laying on the pillow, as it could be uncomfortable for the patient
  15. How should a person be positioned for a massage?
    • prone
    • indian style
    • sitting upring in massage chair
    • sidelying
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