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  1. what does M.D. stand for
    medical doctor or allopathic doctor
  2. what does D0 stand for?
    doctor of osteopathic medicine
  3. what does DP stand for?
  4. what does DC stand for?
    chiropractic doctor
  5. DPT
    doctorate of physical therapy
  6. what does DDM stand for?
    Doctor of dental medicine
  7. a "bonesetter" occupation evolved into two different occupations. What are they?
    • Osteopathic medicine
    • chiropractic medicine
  8. who was crazy Mary?
    A famous and well known bone setter
  9. who is DD Palmer?
    the first chiropractor in America
  10. who is Andrew Still?
    The father of osteopathic medicine
  11. what are the two different types of chiropractors?
    Mixed chiropractor– manipulation, exercise, most like physical therapist

    Straight chiropractor – general wellness, energy, subluxation theory
  12. why did the physical therapy profession move toward being a doctorate profession?
    it is for political reasons, in order to justify direct access
  13. in the early days of physical therapy who wrote and defined the scope of practice for a physical therapist?
  14. what were the first physical therapist called?

    Who governed this group?
    reconstructive aids – the women's society

  15. true or false – many states have direct access
  16. why is direct access a misnomer in today's current system
    because insurance companies will not reimburse for physical therapy without a referral
  17. true or false – most third parties use Medicare as the gold standard
  18. orthopedic surgeons directly oppose Medicare direct access to physical therapist. Why?
    they would lose money
  19. be familiar with education and differences between medical doctors, doctors of osteopathic medicine, dentist, chiropractors, doctors of philosophy, doctors at physical therapy
  20. currently in the United States what is a percentage of schools that offer a doctorate in physical therapy
  21. what is the name of the first school in Kentucky that offered a doctorate in physical therapy
    Bellarmine University :-)
  22. what is the vision 2020
    all the schools in the United States that have a physical therapy program, offer a doctorate of physical therapy as their degree
  23. ortho means?
  24. pediatrics means?
  25. who is Nicholas Andry from 1741?
    The father of orthopedic medicine
  26. what is a universal sign for orthopedics?
    tree of Andry
  27. who were the primary patients in the early days of orthopedics
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