Midterm Vocab

  1. rankle
    to fester; to cause to have long-lasting anger or resentment
  2. defiled
    to make filthy or dirty; to pollute;to corrupt
  3. antagonistic
    showing opposition or hostility
  4. perverse
    wrong, improper, wicked, corrupt
  5. abominations
    anything hateful or disgusting
  6. corroborating
    to strengthen, support or confirm
  7. trepidation
    fear or apprehension
  8. iniquity
  9. malevolence
    wishing evil, harm,ill-will to others
  10. contentious
    always ready to quarrel or argue; belligerent
  11. inauspicious
    not favorable;not promising
  12. indubitably
  13. venerable
    impressive because of age or reputation
  14. visage
    face; facial features
  15. haughty
    proud; arrogant
  16. remonstrance
    an objection of protest
  17. discerning
    to understand;percive;comprehend
  18. furrowed
  19. convulsive
  20. sagacity
  21. genial
    cheerful or friendly
  22. exhort
    to urge,beg, or plead
  23. tremulous
    quivering, trembling
  24. sojourn
    a visit; a brief or temporary stay
  25. efficacy
  26. resolutely
    determined or unwavered
  27. pompously
    showy or arrogant
  28. affront
    an insult or offense
  29. lucid
    clearheaded or rational
  30. advocated
    to speak or write in support of something
  31. clamor
    a loud outcry, uproar, demand, or complaint
  32. disdaining
    to refuse or reject
  33. lurid
    startling or sensational
  34. impregnable
    difficult or impossible to attack or challenge
  35. diffidently
    lacking self-confidence; timid or shy
  36. doggedly
    stubbornly or refusing to give in
  37. vivacious
    full of life or animation; lively
  38. reproached
    accused or blamed
  39. valor
    courage or bravery
  40. despondent
  41. obliged
    to accommodate someone or do someone a favor
  42. dexterously
    skillfully, with physical agility
  43. exasperated
    greatly annoyed; out of patience
  44. tumult
    a disorderly commotion or disturbance; a riot
  45. decisive
    unmistakable; beyond doubt
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