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  1. Fletcher vs. Peck
    declared act of GA legislature as violation of contract
  2. Gibbons vs. Ogden
    State's power over commerce, and could NOT interfere with federal control over interstate commerce
  3. McColloch vs. Maryland
    power of a State to tax a federal intrumentality implied the power to destroy that instrumentality and, therefore, such taxation was unconstitutional
  4. in 1st half of 19th century Cherokee efforts gained support for retaining Ga lands from
    Supreme Court
  5. the authority of State governments included the power to decide whether or not an act of Congress was constitutional
    the Position of the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
  6. The natural path of armies between capitals hampered by wide rivers and estuaries
    Why Union and Confederate troops did not attack each others' capitals.
  7. Baptism of children of baptized but unconverted Puritans
    what Halfway Covenant provided
  8. new states from Northwest Territory , = footing with original states
    Northwest Ordinance of 1787
  9. Forestallment of possible European intervention:
    Battle of Antietam, September 17, 1862
  10. Absence of aristocracy:
    Reason by Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy in America
  11. Grant Subsidies to encourage industrial development:
    action NOT by first Congress of U.S.
  12. Principal issue on which U.S. sought settelment with G.B. at outset of War of 1812?
    end to impressment
  13. Stamp Act Crisis reason that isn't important to American Revolution is--
    colonists ddemonstrated their willingness to use violence rather than legal means to frustrate British policy
  14. young unmarried women from rural New England:
    Majority of MA textile mills workers in 1830's
  15. colonial Pennsylvania characteristic:
    No established church
  16. Ireland=
    Greatest # of 1st/2 of 19th century immigrants
  17. NE American Indian tribes at time of beginning of European colonization were-
    hindered from different political and linguistic beliefs
  18. Most likely to OPPOSE "Manifest Destiny"
    Whig Party members during Mexican War
  19. T.Jefferson's "We are all republicans- we are all federalists" meant that
    principles of American government were ABOVE party politics
  20. Stono Rebellion + NY conspiracy trials of 1741 revealed ...?
    Resistance to slavery
  21. most likely to oppose ratification of Constitution in 1787-1789
    Farmers in isolated areas (weren't represented)
  22. Women generally lost control of her property when she married
    True statement of married woman in colonial era
  23. G.B. justification for occupation of posts in U.S. after Treaty of Paris?
    U.S. had violated the treaty clauses dealing with the restoration of Loyalist property
  24. Ralph Waldo Emerson:
    Stressed importance of inspiration, self-reliance, dissent, and nonconformity
  25. immediate effect of Emancipation Proclamation in 1863:
    strengthen moral cause of the Union
  26. "American System" NOT call for
    sale of federal lands to finance higher education
  27. Mexican policy of the gov. toward Tx?
    encouraged American SETTLEMENT in Texas in the 1820's and early 1830's
  28. Rejected call for direct subsidies to manufacturers was--
    a denied economic proposal by Alexander Hamilton
  29. Major reason why T.Jefferson interested in Purchasing LA --
    hoped to preserve an agricultural society by making abundant lands available to future generations
  30. result from Andrew Jackson administration:
    number of banks, each issuing its own paper money, increased
  31. purpose of Harvard and Yale:
    supply an adequate amount of ministers.
  32. argument between G.B. and its American colonies 1760-1770 over "virtual representation" concerned
    Parliament's ability to reflect colonial interests
  33. election of 1800 also known as "another revolution" bc:
    party in power stepped down after losing election
  34. 14th Amendment; Congress concerned with :
    protecting legislation guarenteeing civil rights to the former slaves
  35. consequance of "tariff of abominations" - led to:
    enunciation of the doctrine of nullification
  36. accurate statement of Monroe Doctrine:
    immediately accepted as international law
  37. During War for Independence, principal reason why US gov. sought diplomatic recognition from foreign powers
    facilitate purchase of arms and borrowing of money from other nations
  38. increase slave labor 1810-1860 due to
    natural population from inc. of American -born slaves
  39. other than cotton gin, Eli Whitney's contribution:
    introduction of interchangeable parts
  40. William Lloyd Garrison in The Liberator
    associated w/ "immediate and uncompensated emancipation of slaves"
  41. Scotch-Irish, German, English immigrants
    moved in great #s into Appalachia as American Indians of region were defeated
  42. "Lowell system"
    A plan to promote and expand textile manufacturing activities
  43. theme of individualism most evident:
    Ralph W. Emerson
  44. Violence exhibited in: Shay's , Whiskey, Boston Tea Party ?
    Violence was directed at "outsiders" or representatives of distant authority
  45. mercantilist system:
    subordination of the colonial economy to that of the mother country
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