Great Depression Study Guide Pt.1

  1. What was the major campaign issue of the 1928 election?
  2. Alfred E. Smith was attacked for the reason in the 1928 election?
    He was Catholic
  3. What signs were there that the economy was weakening in the late 1920s?
    Construction decreased
  4. How did the investors respond to the Dow Jones Industrial Average Sharp drop in the late October 1929?
    They removed their money from stock market.
  5. How did the Federal Reserve contribute to the Depression?
    They contributed NOTHING.
  6. How did the stock market crash weaken the nation's banks?
    People took back their money from the banks
  7. During the depression, how did government pay for public works?
    It got the money from banks and taxed the wealthy.
  8. What was the purpose of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation?
    Provided loans in businesses to keep work and productions up
  9. Roosevelt's advisors who supported New Nationalism wanted to do what?
    Government and business to work together.
  10. What was Roosevelt's first action to fight the depression?
    Shut down banks
  11. Why did Roosevelt create the Securities and Exchange Commission?
    Regulate stock market
  12. Advisors who favored the "New Freedom" approach wanted the government to do what?
    Break up large corporations
  13. What was the ruling of the Supreme Court in the case Schechter v. United States?
    Removed NRA / NIRA
  14. Why was Franklin Roosevelt's "Court Packing Plan" a serious mistake?
    It made him lose all his votes
  15. What were reasons to support the Townshed Plan?
    Decrease unemployment rate
  16. How did the Emergency Banking Relief Act help resolve the banking crisis?
    Gave people assurance that they are financially stable.
  17. How did the Agricultural Adjustment Act help farmers?
    Example: Government told farmers what food to grow to make the best profit.
  18. What did the Home Owners Loan Corporation do to help those with a home mortgage?
    Decreased interest rates
  19. What were Charles Coughlin's criticisms of the FDR Administrations?
    He thought banking would be National
  20. The CIO focused its early organizing efforts on what industry?
    Automobile and Steel industry
  21. How did FDR trigger the economic downturn of 1937?
    He cut government spending.
  22. How did America's racial minorities fare during the Depression?
    Types of jobs = low income
  23. What did the 21st Amendment do?
    Ended prohibition
  24. Who was hardest hit by the Depression?
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