SAT Vocab A #12

  1. anarchronism
    (n) anything that is or seems to be out of its proper time in history
  2. autonomy
    (n) self-governance, independence
  3. bromide
    (n) a trite saying, platitude
  4. buffoon
    (n) a clown, someone who amuses with tricks and jokes
  5. colloquial
    (adj) conversational, used in informal speech or writing
  6. demeanor
    (n) behavior, conduct
  7. euphony
    (n) pleasing sound
  8. garrulous
    (adj) talkative
  9. incisive
    (adj) keen, penetrating
  10. omnipotent
    (adj) unlimited power or authority
  11. omniscient
    (adj) having infinite knowledge
  12. perfidy
    (n) treachery; betrayal of trust
  13. refurbish
    (v) to freshen or polish again; to make like new
  14. unassailable
    (adj) not capable of being defeated or overtaken; not capable of being disproven
  15. wanton
    (adj) immoral; senseless; deliberately malicious; excessive
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SAT Vocab A #12
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